The All-In-One App for Family Safety

Managing the comings and goings of a busy family can be quite the juggling act. Kids darting between school, friends’ houses, and parties, while parents navigate work commitments, outings, and squeezing in the occasional meal out. Meanwhile, grandparents revel in newfound freedom, enjoying retirement activities. Amidst this bustle, keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts can feel like a monumental task.

Location sharing apps are a simple yet powerful solution designed to ease the challenges of modern family life. At their core, these apps offer live location sharing, allowing parents to monitor their children’s movements, track partners on their way home from work, and ensure the safety of elderly family members attending medical appointments.


Device Tracker Plus is purpose-built around safety and communication, providing families with a single app to organise their lives and gain peace of mind. In addition to live location sharing, Device Tracker Plus offers a suite of features tailored to meet the needs of busy families:



Establish virtual boundaries within the app to receive notifications whenever a family member enters or leaves a designated area. Whether it’s ensuring kids arrive safely at school or verifying that elderly relatives return home from an outing, geofencing adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind.


Panic Alerts

In emergencies, every second counts. With Device Tracker Plus, users can trigger panic alerts to notify the entire group instantly. This rapid response mechanism ensures that help can be arranged swiftly, providing families with added reassurance knowing that assistance is just a click away.


Location History

Gain insights into your family’s movements with the Location History feature—a digital diary offering a comprehensive record of past locations and journeys. Whether verifying arrivals at destinations or retracing the steps of a lost device, location history enhances overall security and understanding of your family’s activities.


Group Messaging

Simplify family coordination with Device Tracker Plus’ group messaging feature. Instead of juggling multiple communication platforms, users can communicate directly within the tracking app. From quick updates to changes in plans or simple check-ins, group messaging streamlines communication, keeping everyone connected and informed.


Location sharing services are more than just apps – they are indispensable tools for modern family life. Whether managing daily routines, coordinating adventures, or ensuring safety during emergencies, Device Tracker Plus offers a streamlined solution for keeping families connected and secure. With Device Tracker Plus, families can organise, coordinate, and enjoy peace of mind—all within the a single app.

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