How to Tell If Your Phone Is Being Tracked

With smartphones at the centre of our lives, there’s a growing concern about privacy and the potential for unauthorised tracking. Whether it’s for personal safety or data security, understanding the signs that your phone is being tracked is essential. This comprehensive guide is here to help you identify signs that your phone may be under surveillance and outlines steps to protect your privacy. We’ll also emphasise Device Tracker Plus’s commitment to ethical tracking and what to do if you suspect unwanted tracking through our app.

Increased Data Usage

One subtle indicator that your phone might be under surveillance is an unexpected increase in data usage. While most of us enjoy unlimited data plans, monitoring data usage can provide insights into suspicious activity. Many tracking apps, including those used for legitimate purposes like monitoring your child’s location, can consume data as they constantly transmit location information. To check your data usage:

  • For iPhone: Navigate to Settings → Cellular or Settings → Mobile Data and scroll through the list of apps using cellular data. Unusually high data consumption from unfamiliar apps can be a red flag.
  • For Android: Access Settings, then go to Connections → Data usage → Mobile data or Network & Internet → Mobile network (varies by device). Inspect the App data usage section, and if you notice data spikes from unknown apps, investigate further.

Rapid Battery Drain

Another sign to watch for is a rapidly depleting battery. Many tracking apps require a substantial amount of power, and if your phone struggles to hold a charge, it could indicate background tracking activities. This could be from an authorised app, but it’s worth investigating further.

New, Unfamiliar Apps

If you find unfamiliar app icons on your device, it may suggest location tracking. While recognising unauthorised apps can be challenging, particularly if you have a lot, regularly reviewing all apps on your device is a good practice, especially if you suspect unwanted tracking. Check your phone settings for recently installed apps, and if any raise suspicion, investigate further.

Slower Performance Than Usual

A sudden drop in your phone’s performance can be linked to location tracking. Running tracking apps, especially if they’re unauthorised or malicious, can hog available RAM and lead to significant slowdowns or even freezing and crashes. A drop in performance alone is not a definite sign of unauthorised tracking, it’s essential to consider phone performance in conjunction with other signs.

Phone Running Hot

Excessive RAM usage due to tracking apps running in the background can cause your phone to overheat. If you notice your phone becoming unusually warm, particularly when coupled with other symptoms from this list, it’s time to inspect your device for potential spyware or tracking apps.

Location Sharing Permissions

For an app to track your device, it must have permission to access your location. Regularly reviewing and adjusting your location-sharing settings is crucial. To ensure privacy and security:

  • For iPhone: Open Settings → Privacy → Location Services, and you can easily disable location sharing for all apps or individually adjust permissions.
  • For Android: Navigate to Settings → Location and either disable location sharing for all apps or customise permissions for specific apps.

Remember, certain apps may legitimately require continuous location access, such as mapping or delivery services. It’s important to grant access only to apps you trust.

Device Tracker Plus and Ethical Tracking

Device Tracker Plus is committed to ethical tracking practices. Our app is designed to promote personal safety, connect families and friends, and secure devices. Tracking anyone without their consent is firmly against our values. If you find Device Tracker Plus on your device and didn’t install it yourself, it’s a cause for concern.

We take this matter seriously and encourage you to contact our support team immediately so we can investigate and take action to protect your privacy. Device Tracker Plus is here to enhance security, not compromise it. Your privacy and security are our top priorities.

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