Messages From Device Tracker Plus: Explained

Sometimes you can receive messages from Device Tracker Plus.

Here we explain some of these cases.

I’ve received a message to install the app

If you’ve received a message asking you to join someone’s Device Tracker Plus group, the chances are you’ve received a message from someone you know, who wants to add you to their family group. The message will include links to our app and the unique code, which you will use to access the app once you’ve downloaded it. If you’ve received a message from someone you don’t know, there will be two possibilities.
  1. Accident
Oops! It could be the case that someone has entered the email incorrectly. Don’t worry, if you think this is the case just ignore the message. There is no way of tracking your phone simply by sending the message to you. We’ve built in several security features to prevent the wrong person being tracked.
  1. Attempt to anonymously track

Anonymous tracking is fundamentally against our terms of service. As a company our primary concern is safety, that’s why we’ve created a safety app. Anonymous tracking infringes upon the safety of others and so our product cannot and must not be used in this way. If you have received a message, as stated above, you don’t need to worry. Whilst someone may have attempted to set up your phone to be tracked, there is no way of them doing this by simply sending the message to your phone. If the app has been installed on your device, you will be able to see the Device Tracker Plus icon on your screen among your other apps, please see the Device Tracker Plus icon below. If you do see this, delete the app, this will immediately stop tracking. We would request that you CONTACT US as well. We will try to locate the account that has been used erroneously and shut it down.

Stripe Code

If you’ve received a message, giving you a six-digit Stripe code, this could be due to one of the following two reasons:
  • You’ve selected to save your details on our payment portal and have been sent this code for future reference.
  • Another customer has clicked save your details and mis-entered their phone number, meaning you’ve received their confirmation by mistake. If this happens, don’t worry, just ignore or delete the message.

Remember, if you’re concerned you can always contact our helpful customer service through our Help widget. They’ll check and make sure your card isn’t being used without your permission.

The link in the message isn't working

If the link in the message does not work, don’t worry, you can go directly to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for the Device Tracker Plus app. From there, continue to download the application as usual. Once the app has been downloaded, enter the Group code you’ve received.

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